Video Game Console

A video game console is the system that video games are played on. The term console is used for systems that hook up to a television to distinguish it from a computer, but there have been crossovers in the past (so it's generally thought that if a company markets the system that can hook up to a TV as a computer, it's a computer, otherwise it's a console).

I've owned quite a few consoles in the past, although I've since gotten rid of most of them. I currently only have a Wii and a PlayStation 2 (although the PS2 doesn't work half the time anymore).

Here's the consoles in each generation:

First Generation (the Built-In Games generation)
Magnavox Odyssey (My mom and dad owned one of these when I was little)
Atari Pong (I never owned one, but I've played Atari Pong before through the Flashback 2)
Coleco Telstar (I had the Coleco Telstar Arcade that took triangle cartridges)

Nintendo Game & Watch (I never owned one, but I played Manhole through the e-Reader)

Second Generation (the Programmable Cartridge generation)
Fairchild Channel F (I never owned one or played one)
RCA Studio II (I had one of these, but could only play the built in games since I had no cartridges)
Atari 2600 (My mom and dad owned one when I was little, I later got a Flashback 2)
Magnavox Odyssey² (I owned one with a few cartridges)
Mattel Intellivision (I had the Intellivision 2, which was a remodel not a new system)
Atari 5200 (I owned one, but never had any cartridges so I never played it)
Milton Bradley Vectrex (I owned one with a few cartridges)
Emerson Arcadia 2001 (I never owned one)
ColecoVision (I owned one with a few cartridges and the Atari 2600 adapter)
Bally Astrocade (I never owned one)
Sega SG-1000 (I never owned one)

Milton Bradley Microvision (I never owned one)

Third Generation (the 8-bit Generation)
Nintendo Entertainment System (my first console. I had dozens of games for it)
Casio PV-1000 (I never owned one)
Epoch Cassette Vision (I never owned one)
Sega Master System (my friends had one, I finally got one of my own years later)
Atari 7800 (I owned one, but lacked the cables and controllers, so I never played it)

Nintendo Game Boy (I owned one with a few cartridges)
Atari Lynx (I never owned one)
Sega Gamegear (My first portable console. I had dozens of cartridges for it)

Fourth Generation (the 16-bit Generation)
TurboGrafx-16 (I owned one with one card)
Sega Genesis (I owned the original and redesigned version)
SNK Neo Geo (I never owned one)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (my second console. I had dozens of games for this too)
Amiga CDTV (I never owned one)
Phillips CD-i (I had one with one game and a Star Trek V movie)

NEC TurboExpress (a portable TG-16. I never owned one)
Sega Nomad (a portable Genesis. I owned one of these for a short time)

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