Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 was Microsoft's second console after the Xbox (not counting things like Japan's MSX line of computers).

The big thing that the original launch brought to gaming was achievements, which are things you complete in the game which give you a gamer score and promote doing things which you would not have usually done in a playthrough. The achievements have spoiled me in the motion control generation. :)

The Kinect is also a big thing that the Xbox 360 brought to gaming, which was in response to the success of the motion control remote of the Wii and Sony's announcement that they were bringing out their own motion control remote called the Move. The Kinect is a camera that differs from other gaming cameras of the past such as the DreamEye, the PlayStation Eye and EyeToy, and the Xbox 360's own Live Vision Camera. The Kinect tracks the player's entire body and forms a virtual skeleton. This allows for greater precision than previously available on consoles. It also combines a microphone for voice recognition and voice chat.

Like the Wii before it, I mostly use the Xbox 360 for Netflix and Hulu to watch movies and television shows. For games, I enjoy the Xbox Live Arcade games the most. The XBLA versions of Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man are my favorite versions of those games.

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